Canadian Skills, Employment and Training Coalition (CSTEC) and the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME)

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Prism provides senior management services to CSTEC, including management oversight of CSTEC projects and operations, and the development of strategic plans and new business opportunities. Ken Delaney, a Partner at Prism, serves as CSTEC’s Executive Director. Working primarily on behalf of stakeholders in the manufacturing sector, and collaborating on several projects with the CME, CSTEC conducts projects funded by government and related to apprenticeship, essential skills training, the collection and dissemination of labour market information, the transition of youth into the workplace, and labour adjustment.

Prism also provides analytical and program management services to CSTEC and the CME. Prism is currently building regional labour market models of the labour market for skilled employees in the manufacturing sector and is providing forecasts of the supply and demand of key manufacturing occupations.

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