Industry Canada- Manufacturing Skills Best Practices Case Studies

  |  in Apprenticeship Models, Forecasts &Training Policy Analysis 

This report provides four case studies in manufacturing skills development and upgrading.  The four case studies report on leading companies in distinct manufacturing industries which are faced with very different competitive environments.  Each of the industries has its own distinctive manufacturing process, standards and characteristics.

The four companies reviewed in this report are:

  • ArcelorMittal Dofasco in Hamilton, Ontario, with its apprenticeship training program for skilled trades in steelmaking;
  • Valiant Corporation in Windsor, Ontario, with its “Earn While You Learn” pre-apprenticeship program for unemployed youth;
  • Pfizer Inc. in Montréal, Quebec, with its Good Manufacturing Practice training program for consumer healthcare pharmaceuticals; and
  • Ford of Canada in Oakville, Ontario, with its automotive assembly skills upgrading for automotive assembly.

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