Canadian Apprenticeship Forum-Tracking Requirements for Apprenticeship Qualifications (CAN-TRAQ)

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Working in collaboration with Canada’s apprenticeship community, Prism Economics and Analysis has developed a new qualification based approach to labour market information.  The CAN-TRAQ system (Tracking Requirements for Apprenticeship Qualifications) tracks;

  • workforce requirements for apprenticeship qualifications
  • past and future apprenticeship qualifications and
  • identifies gaps between the supply and demand for qualified trades on a provincial basis

CAN TRAQ includes a comprehensive accounting for employer requirements covering needs for principal trades, related occupations (supervisors and managers) given patterns of retirements and shifting market conditions.  Measures are consistent in each province allowing Pan Canadian assessments of conditions for trades across time and provinces.  CAN-TRAQ profiles of the gaps separating requirements reflect shifting markets, demographics, patterns of registrations and completions and employer preferences for candidate qualifications.

CAN-TRAQ measures conditions for more than 200 apprenticeship programs.  CAN-TRAQ provides employers, job seekers, apprenticeship system planners with information on:

  • The number of registrations needed to meet future requirements
  • Patterns of completions and completion rates and their impact on supply / demand balances by qualifications
  • The potential for mobility across provinces as the supply / demand balance for qualifications shifts
  • The impact of major projects or industrial cycles on workplace requirements and qualification profiles
  • The impact of compulsory and / or voluntary status in the trades

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